Thursday, April 17, 2014

Review: Utama Spice Green Leaf Face Scrub

Since I just reviewed two products from Utama Spice (the face & body lotion and the body butter), then I will continue to review the third product that I've got from them..... Utama Spice Green Leaf Face Scrub.

I got this in sample size 25 gr, when the full size is in 150 gr. It was kinda stucked the first I tried to open  it because the content was very very full. This scrub is in powder form, so you should mix it with water, pure honey, virgin oils, face lotion, or you can just mix it with your face wash.

The texture is a little rough, so you have to be careful when rubbing your face. Just do it very very gently.  Don't you know that you should scrubbing your face at least once a week? It's important to brush off the dead cell from your face. That way your face will keep healthy... ;)

Overall I like this product, and it smells like a leaf because it comes up with pure guava leaf. That is good.

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