Sunday, May 11, 2014

I Won Utama Spice Giveaway feat. Jessica Liani Part 2

You can check my previous post that I joined Utama Spice feat. Jessica Liani Giveaway and I was one of 15 lucky winners. That giveaway didn't end just up to there. The next round was to review their products..... Check my review here, here, here, and here....

And jeng jeng jeng, they chose me as one of three lucky winners!!!
Thank you~ Thank you~
And the announcement was right on my 22nd birthday~ hahaha... Such a bless~

So I got IDR500k worth credit to spend on their products.... That's a loooot..... *I know*
So, which products that I ordered?
Check out this picture......

Totally there were ten products that I got.....
I will review the products one by one, so stay tune..... :)

Have a nice day lovelies~

Don't forget that today is Mother's Day. Give a big hug and kisses for your one and lovely mom! Your hero, your savior, your angel, the most beautiful woman, and the person that have been gave you the most love, strength, and comfort.
Thank you mom, thank you for everything, I LOVE YOU~