Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Review: Zuhra Softlens in Green

Hello lovelies~
Such a long time since my last post.... Yeah I haven't been in mood for blogging lol~

By the way I'm back and this post will be about my review for my first circle lenses ever Zuhra Softlens in Green. Zuhra is a brand from X2 and the only softlens that get certified by MUI as HALAL.

Zuhra means flower in Arabian, that's why this softlens came up with flower like pattern as you can see from the picture below.

This softlens consist of 55% water and 45% polyhema. And the diameter is 14.5 mm (will make your eyes bigger). Let's see when I wore it~

As you can see the difference, your eyes will get bigger and cuter (from my point of view). I don't know maybe some of you think bigger eyes are scary lol~ Also this softlens have natural color. At first I was worried that green color won't blend with my brown eyes. But I surprised that it really looks natural on my eyes. So you can use it everyday without too much worry that it will make you look strange because it is so natural~ The first time I wore it no one notice until I asked them 'Is there something different from me?' lol~ There are another color such as black, brown, blue, grey, and chocolate.

This softlens is comfortable enough within 6 hours. For your information, I don't dare to put on any softlens more than 6 hours. :)
And disposable for 6 months. I bought it about IDR  60k with my friends from online shop.

That's all my review. It based on my own experience. Thank you for visiting my blog and let me do some poses. Hahahaha.

Have a nice day~