Saturday, August 16, 2014

Let's Join Back to School Giveaway from Jessica Alicia

Good morning~
I have no inspiration to do some review today, instead I will give you information about giveaway that I have been joined.

This giveaway is holding by Jessica Alicia, one of Indonesian Beauty Bloggers from Bali. And she is 16 years old! *so young* XD
She has been blogged for about 2 years and seems passionate about it, not like me that sometimes feel so so so lazy blogging. T-T

How I find her blog?
Actually I made this blog since 2009, but that was just because I got a task to made it. Hahahaha. And I became interested in blogging about beauty stuff since April this year I think. That way I need a lot of inspirations from Beauty Bloggers that already existed. So in order to find them I visited Indonesian Beauty Blogger website and I found her blog on the list. I checked it out and decided to follow her blog. *I didn't follow every blog on the list* XP

What is my opinion about her blog?
Continue from the above, I decided to follow her blog because her blog is quite nice, cute, and have a clean look. That is my favorite style, you can check my blog. Hahahaha. That way she inspired me by her blog style and also her style of writing is friendly. And I'm sure she is friendly because she followed me back on my Instagram and Twitter. Thank you dear~ ^o^

Detail of giveaway:
There will be two winners and only for people that live in Indonesia! Take a look at the prizes~

I really want to win the 1st prize because it consists of Bangkok Face and Benefit Face Primer. Wish me luck! XD

Quite tempting right? Then go join her giveaway here! This giveaway available until September 3, 2014. Good luck!

Have a nice day~ ^^