Saturday, August 30, 2014

Review: Ageha Super Big Brown

Konnichiwa~ Actually I'm not in a good mood since my internet connection is kinda unstable right now! Aaaaargh! I wanna scream! Hahahaha

So I'm back with review about softlens since the first one I reviewed about Zuhra in Green, now it's time for me to review my second softlens that my friend gave me *thank you so much smoooch* Ageha Super Big Brown......

Ageha in Japanese means swallowtail butterfly, that's why the box has a butterfly silhouette in it. And the box come up with metalic pink color which I found so pretty and girly. This softlens produced in Japan and manufactured by Dueba Contact Lens which is one of popular company that produced high quality soflens. By the way my review is kinda late because so many beauty bloggers already reviewed it months-months ago. Better late than not at all! Hahahaha :3 

This Big Brown Series has a light brown color that people will absolutely notice when you wear it! The pattern is quite nice, and since the diameter is 17 mm, of course it makes your eyes bigger! Check the difference when I was wearing it and when I wasn't below.....

The differences are real right? But I really love it since for me bigger eyes are prettier. :D

I still feel comfortable after used it for about 6 hours. And for you who just wanted to try softlens for the first time, I suggested you to try softlens with smaller diameter so your eyes won't be so much in shock. Once your eyes familiar with softlens, then go get the bigger one! XD

So I conclude that I'm in love with this softlens..... This review honest based on my experience. Thank you for visiting and have a nice day~